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Cashing in my Cynic Cred:

November 28, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments
Or Getting Sentimental with a Christmas Special

Complaining about Christmas specials is the realm of lousy comedians. And while I never considering myself a comedian to start with and while it’s out of fashion I won’t be debasing myself by doing some kind of monologue on the problem with beginning a holiday celebration nearly a month before the holiday. But will allow myself the closer of ‘ but why can’t we start Carnivale a month early?’… or even celebrate Carnivale for that matter.

The worst winter holiday special ever is ‘The Weekenders Holiday Special’. In typical fashion each of the early winter celebrations has to be represented and each of the prinicpal characters must celebrate one of them. And it tells how horrible those times were and even this one is bearble despite being trapped in an RV away from family it’s okay because they’re with friends… and then they end up eatting each other to stay alive.
Not really but it’s better than the real ending. Very foreseeable but still better than the original.

It’s more of a longing to do the same ice show I did last year which was based off the same source material as the ice show I did the previous 2 years. So when I ended up watching ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ I couldn’t help but miss those times. Sure going from Halloween to Christmas before Thanksgiving occurs (hey I just named three holidays in 5 words) was a pain in the ass and I hated that change over each and every year. Dreading it as much as the hang over I was more than assured on Dia de los Muertos but at least that would end in less than 8 hours where as the change over would take weeks.
Oh the days of getting to wake up early, go in before dark and freeze my ass off on an ice floor. Which beside the ice floor and waking up early is like this year.

Maybe it’s homesickness, or the20 degree low I get to face in the coming days, or the fern like frost on my car when I leave for work or Stockholm Syndrome but I can’t help but miss the show I’d worked on for three years when watching the ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’.

Either way I’m going to have to gather the booze and make me some ‘Punched in the Face by Santa’. Yep whiskey, peppermint Schapps, egg nog and whatever else I want to add in. This year I think some red liquor would be good but only time and a trip to the liquor store will tell.
Now that’ll add Secular Early Winter Cheer to any situation.

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