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New Years Aught Seven

December 31, 2007 Leave a comment

Last New Year’s answered two questions for me:
One) Does mixing liquor into a chocolate fountain make it an even more enjoyable experience? Yes… yes it does but the whole chocolate fountain is a fun experience to begin with. Even though I’m not a huge fan of chocolate it’s great to dunk things in it and try different things and have people look at you weird as curiosity wins out and the discovery of chocolate covered chips is made. Kind of makes me feel like the guys at carnivals much feel as they chuck another batered thing into the frier and hand it off to someone in need of artery clogging goodness.

Two) Can you get away with using a lambic as a champagne subsitute? This is a regretable no. People are so steeped in some form of tradition that to raise a glass of a fruit lambic instead of a cheap bottle of sparkling white wine just doesn’t work. Who cares if you’ve been drinking beers and hard liquor since 8 when the moment comes suddenly everyone is a critic and will ask the question, ‘Where’s the champagne?’ And to try and explain that I know nothing about champagne or wine that while I standing in the wine section of the Cypress BevMo I felt like a fool. A fool holding a bottle of Cooks and a bottle of Korbel. Muttering names and looking at the bottles. No indicating of which is good or bad and with my lackluster understanding of wine leaving me to feel so far out of my element. Only by rushing to the beer section and finding my salavation in a bottle of lambic did I make it out somewhat alive.

Well that’s not true but I made it out without having to pause and ask an employee which should I buy. True if I had done that the whole champagne fiasco would have been allevated but then I’d be known as the champagne guy. And I had worked long and hard to be known as ‘The young guy that comes in with that old guy and buys 10-30 dollars of beer and hard liquor every friday and sometimes strolls in mid week buys a beer and moxie, exchanges some banter and leaves.’ or more likely, ‘the guy who spends more money here than at the grocery store’ and I worked long and hard to get those.
Still the lambic was good… or I thought it was good… I think.

Thought I could segue this into some of my goals for last year, perhaps some retelling my resolutions or some nonsense of that but I’m not going to fall for such shenigans. No, not today. I can’t. Not on Rex Manning day.

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Meeting a Legend

December 8, 2007 Leave a comment

Before I left Long Beach I drove across the bridge to San Pedro and visited Bukowski’s grave. Didn’t learn anything great or interesting from it. Hell I didn’t even bring along a drink and toast him. Instead I sat there on a chilly February day and thought about my life and if I had the courage to continue with my current choices. And no answers came to me on that late winter day.

But what did I expect from a corpse?

I started working on a show that has an interesting concept but could have used 3 more tech rehearsals and a stage manager but that’s not the point. It ends tomorrow and before long I’ll have forgotten about ths show like most of the others except one thing:
Artis the Spoonman.

Come on don’t tell me you don’t remember Soundgarden? The song ‘Spoonman’ not ringing a bell? How could it not, after all that guy felt ‘the rhythm with his hands.’

But he is performing in this show and today I had brief conversation with him and the professional kept it on the level and didn’t give some kind of gushing compliments about his playing and asking questions about his life and telling him I remember hearing ‘Spoonman’ on KROQ in the 90s and while I’d always thinking of ‘Black Hole Sun’ when someone mentioned Soundgarden it’d be ‘Spoonman’ I prefered.
Kind of sucks to be a professional sometimes. But it does save embarrassment.

But he still told me I did a good job and thanked me for my hard work and I told he did a really good job. He seemed to smirk and I got back to setting up some run lights. Not the greatest situation but later I did go back and have a moment of shock and awe (the good kind) And maybe it meant something and maybe it didn’t. Probably overall he was being nice like most performers try to be when they see techs working hard but no matter what else I take from this show I did get to meet the Spoonman.

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