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52 Thoughts About 26 years

February 25, 2008 Leave a comment

(This is a long blog that goes no where but some info maybe gleaned from it but only for those with true grit)

  1. Nails references are never as cool on paper (be it electronic or otherwise) as I hope they will be.
  1. My handwriting is in a subset of unreadable. Though I print, having been told by multiple education professionals to do so over a decade ago, it still has a style that borders on ‘arthritic chimp holding a pencil with its feet’ and ‘trying to write with your off hand because you won’t buy into the whole right handed domination’. Funny thing it’s nothing new. In Kindergarten I remember the teacher commenting that I needed to practice handwriting more.
  1. I can’t trust my teenage self. Even though I defer to those memories for help I can’t trust his instincts. Same goes for my preteen self (meaning years before I was a teen not the strange category we have these days of tween. Can’t we just have it done with and come up with some new cultural coming of age ceremony? The Driver’s License use to be it but nowadays could it be lowering the tattoo age to 16ish and just let kids do that? Sign of rebellion and regrettable youth in one foul stroke. The true passage into adulthood.)
  1. If it weren’t for peer pressure I wouldn’t be in theater. I also probably wouldn’t have contacts, drink coffee or try my hand at writing occasionally
  1. Making lists is not as much fun as it was in 11th grade.
  1. Despite being a fan of Jethro Tull since I was a wee one I have yet to see one of their concerts. Something has always come up when I could. The top three: 1) No car to get to concert but enough money for a ticket. 2) No money for a ticket but a car to get me there. 3) No car or money for a ticket. This past time I had work.
  1. The whole beer before liquor thing.
    Don’t care. Never have never will but maybe I should? Those are decisions one should make sober and not after having had a half dozen.
  1. My favorite color hasn’t change since I was a kid. Did go through a phase where people thought it was black or grey but in truth I was preparing for my future career.
  1. When I was 17 I took close to two hundred postcards that advertised the (then) upcoming movie ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas‘. Despite using them occasionally for years I still had over 100 of them last year. I recycled most of them but kept about 20. I’m that kind of pack rat
  1. There are people who were incredible influences on my life who I don’t talk to anymore and probably won’t talk to anytime soon. Even if I did talk to them I worry it might be very weird to talk about the trivial things that occurred that I took as being important. It’d be kind of anticlimactic. Much like an email I received from someone I went to high school with telling me how I influenced and changed their life. There’s no good come back for that especially since my response was, ‘That’s great… I guess.’
  1. Wandering around alone in the middle of the night usually means you’re drunk, homeless, crazy or a combination of the three. Doesn’t matter where you do it people have the same reaction of giving you space. Even if I’m stone cold sober with a place to live and an accepted mental status. This does not apply to drunk, homeless or crazy people who engage me in long deep conversations when I’m just taking a walk to clear my mind.
  1. I’ve taken something from nearly every show/job I’ve done. Most of the time it’s something really small and meaningless that I lose in a few days but other times it’s something huge like my banner from TWATS (that’s ‘The World According To Snoopy’) or yellow star from ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ it’s a klepto tick I have.
  1. I really should have been a comic book geek. In fact I lament the fact I never was. Nowadays I just can’t get into them except the realistic slice of life comics but I can find webcomics that are free instead of waiting for a monthly issue and spending money.
  1. Collections are never cool at the beginning. Right now I’m starting my collection of stickers, bracelets or other indications (that aren’t tshirts I’m starting to have too many local crew shirts) of me crewing a show. It’s lame when you only have 2 stickers, a lanyard and a bunch of wristbands (I’m throwing out the paper wristbands that don’t say who the group is) but in a few years it’ll be a cool collection.
  1. I can’t get away from the nerd stigma of having been in Math Club and Chess Club. No matter how cool I may think I am there are pictures, somewhere, of me in each of those.
  1. My days of enjoying conversations about RPG related topics are hopefully done. I’m sure I’ll engage in them occasionally but lately I’ve witnessed a few of them and just been bored. I do find the passion those people debate the issue to be admirable but it’s not for me… any more… with luck.
  1. I like the number 17. It’s not my favorite number because that’s a bit asinine but it’s a good number
  1. I’m never going to be the right age for fitting in. For some reason I’m either too old or too young. And if I am by chance the right age I act to much in one direction or the other. Character faults I’m well aware.
  1. Having non sequitur references to things don’t make you funny, interesting or anything of that sort. But having a stream of conscience thought process has lead me into situations where I have to explain how I got to that place.
  1. No one should reunite ever. Under no circumstances. Ever. But if they do do it right like the Rolling Stones or Van Halen. But if it’s become apparent it’s some kind of money raising scheme just give it up. Like The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead.
  1. Stop trying to convince people to dig deeper with ‘Fear and Loathing’. If they want to see a drug movie they’re going to see a drug movie. No convincing on the death of idealism that came with both the end of the Sixties and in the latter half of the ’90s will resonate with some people.
  1. There are worse things than being remembered for having one work of art that was considered great early in your career. And I’m not sure if being a neverwas is one of them.
  1. Putting ‘O-matic’ on things I build isn’t as much fun as it use to be.
  1. The Columbine Massacre affected me more than I can fully express. There were (and probably still are) quite a few similarities between Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, and myself.
  1. I’m not sure if “Weird” Al was ever funny. Sure I found (and still find) some of his work amusing and respect his ability to parody but I’m not sure if he was ever that funny. He was good in ‘UHF’ but so was the rest of the cast. Got to say that his medleys of songs in polka form are my favorites. But no matter what is said about the man he does a good stage show.
  1. In order to be able to win future bets I learned most of the lyrics to ‘It’s the end of the world as we know it’. So far that bet hasn’t happened and I haven’t broken down and sung it at a karaoke night.
  1. I will go to an ATM, get money, find a way to get some change and give some money to a busker but I won’t give a kid with a sign that says ‘Punch me in the face 5 bucks’ any money unless they let me bash them with a hammer.
  1. Even though Punk could be consider dead there are plenty of people that will say it’s not. Given the socio-economical forces that help create the first punk movement I wouldn’t be too surprised if another one gets started… or the February Revolution for that matter… but where would we find a Czar at this hour?
  1. No matter how good I get at an arcade game some one will always be better. Often someone younger than me and they will rub in how much I suck. Exception: Back in ’99/ early ’00 I spent a lot of time getting good at ‘Area 51’ in Corbett Center’s arcade. I may not have been better than everyone but I knew the first couple levels so well I could drink a soda and still get a high streak.
    Yeah I was a really cool freshman.
  1. I should have become a musical theater geek. Because the straight male musical theater geek has such low probabilities of occurring I’d fill an odd kind of niche.
  2. I’ve met more famous people than I realize.
  1. No decade is as ‘cool’ as it’s remembered. Now if you get into movements that lasted closer to a generation (20 years) I might be will to get onto that turnip truck.
  1. Huell Howser is a fluke of success and should be envied but not recreated. He’s some kind of low cost advertising campaign for California. I suppose those are called grass roots now but it still means low budget.
  1. Max Fleischer should be remembered a bit more than he is. Just a bit more perhaps not on the level of Tex Avery or Chuck Jones but he was good in his own right.
  1. My nicknames tend to suck.
  1. I should have become a music geek so I could either have a better than thou sense when dealing with modern music or the paradoxical love/hate relationship that record collectors tend to have.
  1. Old blues or jazz artists are cooler than I can ever hope to be.
  1. Shock Treatment‘ and ‘Grease 2‘ have things going for them that the originals never had. Perhaps it’s the campy songs or the overall feeling of the films that should never be staged but they are just good in ways the originals may never be.
  1. If you grab life by the teats you can milk success so thoroughly a fan base will respect you even if you never get to the same place you were with your one break out success. In other words: I envy Kevin Smith and Alfred Jarry.
  1. Greatest response to ‘There’s no “I” in team’: ‘But there is “me at work” in “teamwork”‘. Thank you Minister Faust and your unique brand of Sci-Fi. [That quote is not sic because I don’t have a copy of ‘From the Notebook of Doctor Brain’ were the quote appears and while I do have ‘Coyote Kings of the Space Age Bachelor Pad’ I don’t have it with me and if I did it’d do me no good.
  1. I’d sooner become a vegetarian then try to keep kosher. At least when I fail being a vegetarian it doesn’t count as failing my faith.
  1. People don’t try to convert me to their faith as much anymore. Lately it’s been more of their political views. Which leads me to wonder if politics is the new religion… at least for this year?
  1. My earliest complete memory is when I was three and bragging about talking in complete sentences. This is odd since I doubt I understood what that meant but I still bragged.
  1. In some ways I’m a movie geek. It’s more like I’m Sublet from Gibson’s ‘Virtual Light’. I can sum up plots and name some actors and then relate a few connections, look for god in the film and that jive. But not a true movie geek.
  1. In ’95 I saw a play called ‘The Late Great Me’ telling the story of a girl’s descent into social ruin by the dangers of alcohol. I really like the title and use it in my inner dialogue sometimes and here’s the kicker especially when drinking.
  1. The first time I heard ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ I thought there were a lot of potato references. And in ’94 when a classmate had a memorial to Kurt Cobain I couldn’t help but laugh at bit thinking of that when he played ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’.
  1. I saw ‘Blues Brothers 2000’ in the theaters. It was fairly close to opening weekend and it wasn’t at an odd ball time like first or last showing but the theater was empty except me and maybe 3 people. Same thing happened with ‘Biodome’.
  1. I’ve only had one job I’ve done consistently in my life and that is being a stage tech. Number two is working at McDonald’s.
  1. I was a computer geek when it was a lot easier to be a computer geek. Knowing what a baud rate was enough. If not that then simple things like RAM and how to read software requirements. Nowadays it’s so hard I don’t even try.
  1. There are a few songs which I’ve heard the radio edits of so much that the actual version just doesn’t sound right. Violent Femmes have a few songs on that short list.
  1. There are certain hobbies that are cool when you’re good at them and quite lame when you’re not. Those can include: magic, yo-yoing, juggling and impressions. Thankfully I gave up most of those before trying to show off my half formed talent which was still in the lame range.
  1. Fifty Two pick up is a really one sided game.
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Big Money, Big Money, No Whammy, No Whammy…STOP!

What happened to game shows?

Not the evening ones, those were always hot beds of anticipation, excitement and perhaps a little too much spectacle. After all when a game of Jeopardy gets going… watch out it may get crazy, especially if it’s one of the easier versions where plenty of people get into fights because they actually know an answer. The over heard mumblings of treadmillin’ folks during the high school/college tournaments.

And only now do I finally get to see Drew Carey on ‘The Price is Right’ and I’m a bit under whelmed. Much like when Louis Anderson left ‘Family Feud’ and was replaced by Richard Karn, I’m just not feeling it. Anderson seemed to hate the whole situation and just want to be out of there for the day. Karn returned it to the standard game show roots of ‘fun’, enthusiastic hosts. I like my hosts to seem bitter with the situation, which Anderson did so well.

Then again his act did that too. Even his cartoon ‘Life with Louis’ had that feel of melancholy fondness for his youth… or fictionalized youth at any rate. There was a joy to be had from a melancholy protagonist that wasn’t Charlie Brown.

Still gone are the days of the game show hosts that had that over the top dated tv style. Now it’s comedians, actors and never forget the monstrosity of ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ with this devil like host of Regis. ‘Well you’re damned right I want that million but I have no life lines, have no idea what the answer is but I guess I could trade you my soul.’

It’s weird to write the lines ‘Monty Hall save me from these monstrosities’ but there it is. But with ‘The Game Show Network’, if that thing even exists anymore, showing what was and movies (okay it was a while ago) like ‘Quiz Show’ revealing the seedy underbelly of these programs were does that leave people like me?

Well I’ll tell you: I can name that tune in one note.


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