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How do you define a day?

March 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Is it the old standard of 24 hours? Because let’s face it that’s a bit old hat. Perhaps not a full hood but definitely something approaching a top hat worn outside of a formal setting. Not so much a fedora or a porkpie because there’s a class and style to those, if worn right and an old driving hat can always find its place and while 10 gallons aren’t my scene they do work for some.

Speaking of lack of style (and horrible segues) you’ve got daylight savings (which screws me up) and daylight standard (which screws me up) and all the while I end up defining a day as the hours I’m awake. Yeah it can be confusing when insomnia hits and I’m awake a couple of days in a row. Or I end up working insane hours and 2 days span 3 and a half normal ones but it works for me. And weeks: well I don’t define those. Let other people be the care takers of a week. The biggest draw back is not being sure what day of the week it is. But after all who cares if it’s Odin’s day? It’s still going to be a bit longer before the weekend and even then it may not mean a break. Also when discussing hats does one have to bring up meshbacks? Do those count as a hat? And who thought it was cleaver to put a bottle opener in bill of some of them? Because it’s kind of clever and a bit lame. You need remove the hat for it to work. Now belt buckle bottle openers are fine by me. But that’s not important right now.

So perhaps things have been hanging heavy on my mind and I’ve been sleeping less. Or I fucked myself last week taking a later night shift and never fully recovered. Or the changing of seasons and just not feeling all that ready to let go of winter, I just got use to you, you broke my heart (because I couldn’t dance) and now you’re taking off and letting the trees blossom and the sun return and all that jive. Then again it might just be that time to say ’hey! How’s it going? Sure you can stay for a while’ to insomnia. After all it’s not all bad. I get caught up on the days affair by news that doesn’t have to appeal to anyone. There’s a slew of commercials that can be entertaining and sunrises are often nicer than sunsets. Even if I’ve seen far too many sunrises for most normal people.

Then again there is that feeling of euphoria and slight hallucinations that can come from longer term insomnia and those are always fun. The old habit of questioning what is real and what is fake doesn’t mean so much when sleep is but a memory. So I guess I’ll pour another glass of water settle down with my thoughts and see where it goes. I’d say see where the day takes me but days are a matter of opinion as far as I’m concerned.

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