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San José Tried to Kill Me

Way back when there was a cartoon called ’Bambi meets Godzilla’. And it’s a bit of folky wisdom that when you get close to your demise time sort of slows down and so you can really take in those last moments… at least that’s what survivors tell us.

Today while a few hundred pounds of ill loaded masonite and MDF began their gradual descent and collapse all I could think of was ’Bambi meets Godzilla’. Before concern comes flying in I’m fine, the crew I was on is fine, everything is fine… beside the maso, some of that is quite destroyed. But who really cares about that shit?
Not me, not after what it did to me.

So I have a minor paranoia that I’ve become color blind. I also have one that I’m someone’s doppelganger. And today I realized that if I am someone’s doppelganger that person is in some kind of secret society. Often when I stroll down the streets and boulevards random people will shoot me a knowing look and nod. Of course not willing to disturb the plans of others I nod back. Often in a knowing way, letting them know that the time is neigh. We must act soon lest we miss our chance. Then there are the random comments I get. Perhaps code, perhaps insanity and perhaps utter exhaustion is actually causing me to make the first movement in a series of plans that I have no idea or control of but am still at the center of the wheel.

Or perhaps the truth is merely the restoration of the causal greeting to an unknown individual but that’s a scheme I’d rather no envision.

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