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2HT Weekly Update 3

(Note: I’m part of a theater company and it was decided we should do weekly updates. I haven’t been taking it seriously. I’m usually the first one to post.)

Spent a good chunk of my week thinking about Artaud’s ‘Theatre and its Double’. There’s a section where Artaud describes the spreading of the Plague in Europe and uses this as an analogy for the spread of theater. Didn’t quite see what he was saying at the time but I often thought about that while doing this show ‘One Flea Spare’ which I thought was called ‘Wonderfully Spare’ until 3 weeks into the rehearsal process when I finally realized I wasn’t doing a show that was a light heart romp through the Plague years but a serious show about people descending into madness under horrible circumstances.

That show had an illness that spread, like the Plague, through the cast and crew and enhanced the show by giving people this horrible cough. But sucked when you were in the booth trying to stay quiet.

Still waiting on a letter to mail with my envelopes. Other than that nothing to report.


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