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2HT Weekly Update 5

This past week saw me contemplating what is really needed as far as modern conveniences. After all a decade ago would someone in my situation feel a near need for internet because the walk to the coffee shop (or library) is too much to send some mail? Or would this even factor as a problem.
I’m not sure if it did for me but breaking down and deciding checking mail without getting dressed is better than being that guy at the library that just rolled out of bed, put on some shoes and walked a few blocks to see if there are any new developments in my virtual life.

This disconnect is somewhat puzzling to me. I can’t pinpoint when this need became so pronounced but a recent ‘South Park’ made me think about it then too. It had a dust bowl like feel but with the internet going down across the country and people going to California because they had a little internet there. Sure life has become overly connected to the point where some people purify themselves by not using the internet or cell phones for days and maybe it’s like fasting for them. Transcendence by denial.

Whatever works for those folks, I guess.

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