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What Teenage Sitcoms Taught Me About Life

  1. Laziness and bad grades won’t keep you from a good college
  2. All Classes are a few minutes long
  3. Loitering in hallways is as acceptable as going to class
  4. Your standard locker can fit at least one person.
  5. A friendly rivalry with a teacher or administrator is inevitable but they are actually trying to instill some life lesson.
  6. Hang outs don’t expect you to pay for food
  7. Summer Jobs are sources of amusing antics
    1. Or brief mention at the start of September
  8. Don’t worry the blind date will be a probably be a hottie
    1. If not an import lesson to not judge people based on appearance will ensue
  9. Bullies can come around to you side and lead to interesting situations.
  10. All cliques are clichéd stereotypes
  11. A nerd can build extraordinary devices as needed.
  12. The nerd girl can become a cutie but you’ve probably ruined your chances by then.
  13. Seek popularity above all else
  14. Teachers don’t mind if you drop by their houses unannounced to ask for help with life’s problems.
  15. A group of strangers with different backgrounds will become friends if forced to be around each other long enough
  16. The school will only ever perform Romeo and Juliet, Our Town or if you’re lucky A Christmas Carol.
  17. Driver’s ed will either involve car mock ups and an old movie of driving or a golf car. Either way be prepared for hilarity
  18. All shop students are delinquents but their skills will come in handy when a party trashes someone’s house or car
  19. The slang will beyond cutting edge
  20. Once accepted into a clique you may leave temporarily but ultimately you have to go back.
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