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Dead Hours: Of Popcorn and Beer

September 29, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

During the dead hours I don’t make the best culinary choices. Few options and prevalence of 24 hour diners or drive thrus just aren’t what they should be. How many times can I ask for 24 hour sushi and be denied (too many I say). Still little has changed as I speed from one distant city to my bed. It reminds me of the month of October.

Years past standing in the lot after being told, ‘Get the Fuck out of here/Finish up that beer’ by the Tom Kat. Few choices in the Anaheim/Buena Park area beside Denny’s and a handfulla of drive thrus. Beats going home where there is nothing but co(r)ntainers of food left from Haunt dinner.

Not the choice for someone watching there figure or BAC but I made do.

Maybe a taco or jumbo jack, feeling rich (not Rich Watson rich) there’s Carl’s and a 6 dollar burger. (Guac with season fries and mix some rum in the coke)

In Seattle that’s changed.

The choices a bit lessened and a bit better. Not so much recycled grease and late night diner, maybe the late night special and a beer. Finish the night how it started and in some bars a better thing drinking beers above my wage and eating food out of my range except during the late night specials sure it’s usually Fish and Chips but there are other places with other choices.

Then again ending up at home finishing the last of a 6 pack and watching ‘Clerks 2’ I eat some popcorn.

Or cheese. Or both.

Whatever the fridge holds and usually it’s the insight that I live near a few stores but don’t frequent them enough. Tough place to be when money isn’t short and your soles haven’t run thin. Laziness and the ever present busy brings me to drink cheap 7-11 beer and eat popcorn. It’s not the late night tacos consumed in the kitchen of a Man house while listening to what I missed or sitting in an empty pool feeling like a movie from the 90s, making sense but not funded properly having candy from a liquor store still open despite the hour. Even if it was a toy candy lollipop bought for the brief amusement it’d bring.

Yeah all that made the dead hours more tolerable but in the end the choices aren’t what they should be. After all why can’t I buy teriyaki at 3 in the morning? (cause it’d hit the spot right now, seriously)

But those are the dead hours.

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