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25 things or how I learned to stop worrying and make a contribution to a (facebook) meme.

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If everyone jumped off a bridge I wouldn’t be one of the first to jump. Rather hang around for a bit, see how it’s going and weigh my chances for survival.
Wonder how good they are?
Here’s my contribution to this 25 Facebook meme.

1. I am near blind without glasses or contacts. Perhaps not meeting the legal definition of the condition but enough to make me feel like Velma when I wake and knock my glasses off the night stand. My relationship with nearsightedness began in 4th grade, when I also had braces.

2. I’m a middle child, pisces and a bit introverted. It’s good to make excuses for lapses in my personality and social awkwardness even if I don’t really believe it.

3. Yes I was the archetypal nerd for quite some time. In fact there is a picture of me in math club wearing a florescent green shirt, my thick glasses and wild hair. Where that kid went I have no idea but I do catch glimpses of him once in a while.

4. Probably the worst show I was ever a part of was ‘Romeo and Juliet’ during college. It was a waste of time and wish I hadn’t lit it.

5. My two best friends are a 56 year old ex DJ, sorry I mean on air personality, and I girl I dated for nearly 2 years. They are people I’m very close to and feel I can tell nearly anything to without overly harsh judgment.

6. I’m not a night or morning person. In fact if I had to classify myself I’d say I was some sort of late morning or afternoon person.

7. In Seattle people think I’m Italian or Greek. In Los Angeles it was Mexican. In Las Cruces New Mexico it was white. My mixed blood makes me passable as a lot of things.

8. You know that joke about 7 Eating 9? It’s still pretty lame.

9. Despite that fact I only own 2 black overcoats (a single breasted wool car coat and a trench coat) people tend to remember the black trench coat.

10. My freshman year of college I didn’t own a tv and watched the same three movies over and over again. (A Clockwork Orange, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)

11. I haven’t had a nickname that stuck but I did have a song about how I could drink a bowl of rum during one of the shows I worked.

a. I do have a familial name which is Chava which is apparently a shortened form of Salvador. I’ve met a couple Chavas or Salvadors that also had this experience it’s not just my crazy parents.

12. There are some words/phrases I enjoy because I like the way they sound as well as marking my speech/ writing with a touch of… class, eloquence, confusion?

13. I’m lucky. Not in a win the lottery or I always come out on top way but in a things turn out for the best for me and I can trust that things will work out for me.

14. There are jobs I would like just to have the uniform or some part of the uniform. Lately I’ve noticed the valets and door men at many of the nice hotels in Downtown Seattle have rather nice winter overcoats and I contemplate a temporary winter time career change.

15. I refer to people that work 9-5 weekday jobs as ‘Normals’ but there is a hint of jealousy in my voice. It’s a life I don’t like and feel like an outsider doing but there’s something more comfortable about it.

16. Over thinking things is a somewhat a hobby of mine. I could easily stop this if I were wrong all the time but, alas, I’m occasionally right and in ways that take strange leaps of logic or just overcomplicate things. (like this stupid meme)

17. I blog but it’s short stories that based on life, lists, and other random things. For more personal information I write it in the journal, diary, log I’ve kept for the past 2 or 3 years.

18. When I work with someone long enough I can start to figure out how they think and begin to anticipate their thoughts/ needs. Kind of makes me feel like Radar from MASH.

19. College seems like a long time ago. High School feels like another life and everything before that I’m not entirely sure happened. Memory is such a fickle thing that I’m not 100 percent about somethings.

20. I’m more curious than people would expect at first. In fact I tend to learn about people and places I come into contact with because I want to know more about them. Some of these (in the case of people) is through overt questioning and others is through study, observation (in the case of places) research.

21. I like using parentheses in my writing to throw in comments about what I’m writing. These tend to be a bit self deprecating but still humorous.

22. There’s this painting by Norman Rockwell of a dapper older man staring at a Pollack style modern art painting (The Connoisseur)My first reaction is that that guy doesn’t see the art as art but merely paint thrown on canvas. Then I wonder if he in fact sees something in that painting that I’m missing. Then I start to wonder about post modern thought. Just sharing.

23. I used to spend 6 months of the year hanging out, talking to people and maybe running a show or two. If the pay was higher and the people cooler I’d still be there. But am still glad I left that job.

24. I own a lot of pin back buttons and penguin plushes but didn’t buy that many of them

25. I have this knack for finding things. It’s probably related to the curiosity but I can usually locate something that is lost. It’s not clairvoyance but the ability to spot something. Probably related to luck.

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