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Turns out it’s more like falling off a bike than riding one.
Everything went well but then in the bits where it gets hard those pot holes come out of nowhere… yet somehow you manage to do that trick, you know the one you used to practice in the driveway in an attempt to impress the neighbor girl, yeah that one gets pulled off.

Yet after a bit of embarrassment things get sorted out and you don’t have to steal some training wheels from a neighbor kid.

Small things that tend to slip by when doing a festival show:
Don’t make the second group of sound checks more complex, more numerous as the first group with the same amount of time. The quality sometimes slips.

Inform everyone of special additions. It’s not fun being informed of a surprise right before it occurs if you’re running the gear it occurs on.

Things will not run according to plan. Won’t happen, something’ll come up and things will get off schedule. If by some miracle they do find out who made a blood sacrifice.
So far New Voices is my favorite gig of the year.

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