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Or why I am a Sarcasm Hypocrite
Moved a show from one place to another. Not on tour or anything cool but from one venue to another. It went in alright, space difference and such nothing major except a BOC traveler is not rigged properly. What’s wrong is anyone’s guess but it threw off a screw and nut at 2 separate points today.
My fellow deck hand found the nut before lunch and I told him to hold onto it. During our run after lunch the BOC launched the screw. On headset I asked him if he still had the nut.
And here is where I’m a hypocrite.
he says, ‘(lead deck)?’ and I reply ‘Is that a joke or she has it?’
Yes I probably would have done the same but chances are I would have quickly said I had it and this hand didn’t. So while I too would have made the same joke the circumstances might have been different.

Still a hypocrite though.

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