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The other day while ground supporting a genie I was told smart phones are a great thing.
Each focus when I’m in that lull waiting for instructions from the guy in the bucket am I reminded how nice smart phones are. Be it a phone or someone to talk with having something beside reading the safety placard because that can only lead to defacing those things and on the spot the witty plans of safety defacement escape me.

I’m also rather good at ground support. I’ve focused in this theatre a
number of times and am used to the odd backtracking and bizarre finesse that it takes to get a lift just where you need it. Not sure if I surprised the guy in the basket but I did get him into some odd spots and only hit the set once. So if it were a driving test I would have failed but at least I got the car parallel parked, right?

Easy focus, unit set, no flying scenery, no huge complex moving set pieces that require systems to be focus, set moved and then a nearby set focused. Cake to the point where a group of people could work on a few practicals and rigging a release for a fogger.

Unfortunately on the way home my car dies. Not a great thing and I’ll deal with it tomorrow but as I told a friend on the way to the bar, ‘That problem ain’t going anywhere.’

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