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Last Minute Add

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

It was cold last night. Sitting at home trying to decide if I’d watch Nova or some other program, maybe put on a movie. Just relax on a day off and I get a call around 8pm, ‘Can you be at WaMu Theatre in an hour?’
Consider a few things here:
I’m ready to have a night off
It may or may not be snowing outside (I don’t know but there’s a weather advisory)
My tools are in my car which is being worked on
And if it runs 4 hours I’ll be back at 1am

I say yes and am asked to let anyone I know that might want work (and knows audio) there’s an emergency. So I call a friend and her and her boyfriend decide to do it. An hour later the gig starts and we have to take down the house system and a guy known for his ability to talk is there. I tell my friends I didn’t call him.

Easy call and I’m glad I was on my crew because the crew stretching and straightening the projection screen and surrounding set pieces weren’t having as much fun. Nothing like hearing 4 adults all giving instructions at once and none are repeated. It’s comic but only from the outside.
Good call, 3-0-2 which isn’t bad for a night that I might have been at home on my duff watching tv. And again dispatch knows I’ll do most calls if asked.

Nothing like walking away from a night with money you didn’t expect to make that trip to Beth’s so much better.

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