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School Show Day 1 of 3

January 14, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Being a night person has it’s advantages in stage work. Mostly those late nights don’t weigh as hard, getting used to a world of night is easy and sunrises are things that spell bedtime. Yet even I must break that routine and have to work a school show.
A school show in lovely Everett.
On the plus traffic was going the opposite direction but on the minus I wake up early to make the drive.

Show should have been easy with a cast performing for kids but a spot ops bus was late, I was asked to step in and be ready to cover the opening until he arrived. Going over the light, checking cues and getting myself into a state of mind to spot the show he rushes in as we begin.
(after holding for 7 minutes)

Damn foiled by someone’s close call and I actually wanted to run that spot even for a moment but alas I was denied. Oh well some other time.

Then automation decided to be difficult and that caused an interesting turn of events but mostly the show ran okay beside coffee making its way through people’s systems all at about the same moment. Luckily it was slow and turns at the bathroom were staggered.

Between shows I went 7 miles up the road to a casino.
Lost 2 dollars, got a meal and had a good time. A good way to kill hours between shows.

The evening would have been fine had an actor not become hurt thus creating some tension, confusion and taking an otherwise dull second show into a flurry of worries and planning. None of it affected me beside having to announce my own complete but I am, after all, a professional 😉

On a side note is the Zodiac changing really a big deal? Facebook seems to tell me it is but I’m not sure becoming an Aquarius is that big of a deal beside now Age of Aquarius by the Fifth Dimension can be my theme song.

Regardless of Zodiac confusion tomorrow’s going to be understudy-tastic.

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