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Easy Gig

January 19, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

They told me to show up at 4 and I’d be done at 10.
I showed up at 4 quickly taken through that today is going to involve a mic check, then a quick show and one by 6:30.

Mic check happens and it’s a song from a musical to open in a few weeks performed by the female leads that are rather good. Goes well no problems. Then I wait.
Not too long and the Executive Director from one theatre and the Managing Director for another talk about the co-production and introduce people and I realize I’m in the room with a number of the board members of 2 major theatres perhaps not movers and shakers but damn these are the ones that call the shots in my field. And to believe I thought this was going to be nothing big.

Event goes up a bit late, no problems and then people mingle, have food and drinks and I hang out and wait. When the place is nearly deserted I’m called down to take some food home. Delicious deserts, some savory wrapped things, and veggies. I power down, say good bye and head home for an early night.

Don’t worry free food I’ll give you a good home.
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