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Watson Wisdom Wednesday

January 19, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Chedderwurst ain't gonna cook themselves
During my first Haunt Rich and I were sent to get some plywood from the Asylum Maze. Being new I had no idea where the maze was so trusted Rich that it was on the Stagecoach Trail. Now a big thing to remember is that carts weren’t allowed to drive on the trail during park hours but I follow Rich’s directions.

On the way onto the trail some our fellow techs may have called at us from near the main gate or may not have I’m not sure though Rich swears it happened. So we get to the entrance to the ride and the coach departs, Rich tells me to turn around and head back the way we came. So there we are two tech in an area we shouldn’t be, doing something we shouldn’t, trying to out run a stagecoach in a taylor dunn cart and if we get caught things won’t be good. It was a good thing we had ‘The Fast One’ that day because we beat the coach, avoid trouble, remain unknown (or at least no one mentions it), and don’t discover if a cart will beat a horse in a crash. As we leave the trail the coach goes by, I’m shaken and Rich is laughing.
Finally he says, ‘I think they moved the maze this year.’

Always find the humor.

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