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You’re not working?

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Each time I have an evening off my family ask me this. And yet for the first time since January 1st I’ve had one.
And then I had a second.

The first day started late, was filled with plenty of couch time, internet surfing and not grocery shopping. It ended with me catching a friend’s band play at a small venue in the Market.
Spent a good chunk of their time looking at the powered speakers on truss, led lighting and doing the general facility critique that is all too common, my opinion: not a bad space but for what they charge people for a table I’d have expected more. But hey that’s me.
Good show glad I went.

Next day also started late. Checked movie times, swung by the library, post office, got lunch, and deposited a few pay checks. Then I caught an early afternoon showing of ‘Black Swan’, tried to go to a drunken doodle night at a bar but it wasn’t happening, saw a bit of the State of the Union at another, went to the cell phone store with a friend and then bubble tea, topped the night off with a trip to another bar for taboo, peanuts, Doctor Who pinball and inventing rules for shuffleboard as we couldn’t understand the rules for it.
I blame the rules having too many words so we played a bocci ball like game and then see who can get closest to the other side without going over.

And this morning I wake up at 7am for no apparently reason.

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