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Watson Wisdom Wednesday

February 2, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

One time Rich and I were loading in a new show, we showed up at 5 am, finished loading it in, took breakfast, came back prepped for a run, did that, went into the house to be reamed by the TD about how we didn’t do it so well, did another run, back for a reaming. One final run at around 5pm and we knew once again we were going to be reamed for not doing a perfect run.

Now the odd thing was the TD told us we did a good job that day, we’d have it perfect for opening in 5 days and suggested we take a break and then clean up and call it a night. After a long day of being told we sucked Rich spoke up, ‘Look Jack we’ve been here since 5am, how about we just clean up and go home?’

There’s no point in taking a 15 minute break 30 minutes before going home.

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