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A Good Volunteer

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I got to bed sometime after 2am which was unfortunate because I was to help set up lighting for the artist trust at 8am. Despite the fact I wasn’t getting paid there were a lot of problems getting stagehand volunteers and I was helping out.

Happy help, lending a helping hand, pay it forward, whatever because I didn’t get the loads of work other folks lucked into. Yeah just a touch bitter but so be it. ūüėČ

Got out of my warm bed, ate oatmeal, drank coffee, fwed the cat and caught the bus. All way to early but at least it wasn’t snowing. Since I’ve gotten known at this job site I had to keep reminding people that I couldn’t operate a lift because I was a volunteer, couldn’t make that decision only a volunteer, basically couldn’t do much beside assist.

Yeah it was fairly tough.


I made do

After a few hours we got to a point where lights were being moved and 2 lifts were in operation. Turns out one of the lift operators couldn’t get his lift legs. I was cutting gel at this point, not paying too much attention as I set about marking out lines for these odd cuts. Took me a while but I was cranking through my cut list. When the op comes by and starts talking to me how he couldn’t get his lift legs and he told the supervisor and such. Didn’t really pay too much attention because I was trying to use my jury rigged cutting table work. ¬†Then the supervisor came over.

Want to work? he asks me and I say sure. Ok you’re on the clock now hop in a lift.

And I do.

I spend the rest of my day running out soca and this other multiplex cable, moving lights, roughing shit in and getting the job done all the while¬†maneuvering¬†a lift around volunteers, a collection of boxes and various bits of setting up. Not a bad day until we’re ringing out the system and things aren’t going so well.

Most of a system won’t come up so I head over and start trouble shooting. The runs are a nice mix of rat’s nest and¬†spaghetti, cables run through each other, loops all fucked up and me trying to trace out connectors to find if there are breaks. No luck it’s suggested it might be the break out. Willing to try anything, and time running out, I go for it. It breaks apart with half a tunr.

Not properly seated. I seat it right, and sure as shit all the lights come up.
Goes to show we all make mistakes and I got some paid hours instead of volunteer…

Time for beer.


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