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On Call

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments
Why must we be apart?

Photo by Kurt Schlosser

I got my beer.
It was delicious and refreshing and just what I needed. Unfortunately the globe trotting friend I was suppose to meet ended up in Northgate and not in Queen Anne so I had to have my beer alone. The bartender poured it. Look at me critically and said ‘Are you over 21?’
Pulling out my wallet I replied, ‘Matter of fact I’m almost 30.’ Show it to her and pointing out the couple of grey hairs around my head. She laughs slaps my on the arm and tells me to not grow old.

The beer was dark, my thoughts growing brighter and my phone rings. A friend at nearby theatre who I’d been saying should ditch his show and come drink with me asking if I could run light board for his show as he’s in a tough spot. I tell him sure and he’s runs it by his boss.

I look at my beer. Bartender asks if I’m ok and I ask for a water saying I might be going back to work. She smiles pouring me a glass as my phone rings with news that it’s okay for me to run the show. Finish the water, leave the beer and a tip and start off to second gig that shouldn’t have been of the day.

Once in a while my job feels like being a doctor but only in the fact I’m on call. Not in the money, respect or education but in the moments notice when work could happen.

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