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Alpha Truck Loader

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

A few weeks ago I joked with a wardrobe master that each group of truck loaders has an alpha. Often it’s the most experienced loader but it can be the most vocal or decided by a game of chance but to get the respect of the loaders you must find the Alpha and humiliate them because the loaders are left without an alpha and will listen when you’re calling the pack.

Today I was a truck loader. I wasn’t alpha or even beta probably closer to omega. I was just there to load a few trucks, get my check and go hang with a friend. Instead it was an AV pack and those are packed to the gills, the check will come in a week or so and my friend was a bar that was too load and packed for someone that spent 5 hours in trucks trying to an AV pack. If nothing else I wasn’t dressed or smelling good enough to impress the ladies at this bar that was blasting dance music. Some other time perhaps.

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