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Volunteer Part Two

February 20, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Since it's in blue I see no reason to obey this. For the second time in a week I found myself a volunteer for the Artist’s Trust. Not a bad sort of folk but honestly being a room full of people in suits, gowns, formal wear, turltlenecks, evening wear and one guy even had a top hat on I found refuge in a hallway far away from the action of the event.
True I did spend most of the night looking at this sign and reading Cyptonomicon which is on par with some of the deck hand gigs I’ve done.
There was this hectic moment when I moved a few mics and music stands off stage. Now that was a moment to have fear and worry. Then later when I had to do the same thing again I was worried I’d fuck it up but somehow found a way through it all. If only by the skin of my teeth.

Yeah I joke but it was an easy gig, they fed me, even gave some desert, thanked me, treated me well and at no point made me feel like I was worthless.
I’ve been paid well to do jobs that treated me far worse than this one and next year I’ll help them out again.
…Unless I have a paying gig, of course.

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