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I Hate You So Much


All these tools to strip 5 wires

We’ve had some good times, Ropelight, remember when I spent most of a day cutting, splicing, tapping and moving you around a vain hope of getting the apron lit at CMST? Or how about when I wrapped you around a cardboard tube and made a light up tree or decorated that party or lit the safe passage backstage.

It was good times Ropelight.

Thing is even in the good there is bad. You’re a fickle device better used in limited ways than forced into a channel, made to turn corners, run through small holes and be used as a substitute for LED tape. You jabbed me with your barbs, shorted because of the way we cut you and made me think I’d die as I tried to get all 4 strings lit. After all that you lost continuity when I tapped your connection and I had to start all over until you tripped a breaker.

And that’s the thing, Ropelight, you’re making this too hard. We have the same goal: to make light up this set.  Tell me I’m being harsh and demanding. Tell me I’m wanting too much from you but this is well within your realm of job. We can work this out. I know I went too far that first day when I beat you with that mallet. It was a bit much and I’m sorry. That’s not who I am but something about this whole situation just got to me and I couldn’t take it any more. You were so close to fitting and like Rich used to say, ‘If it don’t fit: spit on it and pound harder.’

Still you must annoy me but I’m trying to make this work.

We’re stuck together so let’s try to finish this project somehow or I’ll burn you in a fucking hobo fire since it’s suppose to be 20 degress tomorrow.

All that work for this?

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