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Short Circuit

February 25, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I think I see the problem

If only Mister Number Johnny Five had come around. He and I could have asked each other if we’d like to be a Pepper or jump around, run from Steve Guttenburg and his Indian friend and avoid being disassembled or maybe steal Ally Sheedy’s roach coach and drive around Astoria asking where the goon docks are until we look for One Eyed Willie’s Treasure.

But it wasn’t to be as I tripped a breaker. I didn’t even realize I had tripped it since the surge protector was on the other side of the room and all I knew was I didn’t have power.  At first I thought it was my connector, then maybe I broke the lamp I was using or gravity was pulling the wires out of the connector or  I fucked up a splice. Finally I walked over to check a call and saw the light on the surge protector was out.
Short Circuit

I traced out the wires that connected all the C9s for the light up “Damnable” sign. Going over each staple looking for the culprute and there it was in the “L”. A staple shot through the cable that gave me a hour of worry. That took my easy task and sent it awry. One staple in the wrong place.

Honestly it’s amazing it was only one misplaced staple considering all the ones that were used.

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