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Is salad dressing swag?

I’m going to justify this by saying they’d throw it out.
Better that then saying I’m broke and can’t afford jam and salad dressing. There are folks on the call that can’t but luckily I’m not one of them. When catering leaves a fair bit of stuff behind after the load out what’s to happen? True I could have left with a half rack of Orange Crush but beside the REM song not so sure I’m a bit fan of it any more. Had it been grape that might have been a different story but orange… unless there was also some President’s Choice vodka, a college party happening at a trailer on Esperanza, and I had to open at McDonald’s in 3 hours.
But that’s a different story.

It was a 4 hour load out almost to the minute. We didn’t start for nearly a half an hour, the guitar god taking his time playing the classics. Which I have no problem with but would have liked to make it to the bar or at least pick up a beer before heading home. But no luck.

Honestly wasn’t a bad load in. Did work up a sweat despite the cold weather and the open doors. Do hate the Key for it’s inability to load more than 2 trucks in the dock which causes that stupid bottleneck. Then there was the stage and this time there’s no 5 am crew to bail us out.

In at 10, out at just before 2.
Made off with a decent local crew shit, some salad dressing, jam and a bottle of water. Not so bad all in all.

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