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Hang Day One

I’m getting tired of computers.
I say as I type this into a laptop that’s streaming music and allowing me to chat with friends while in the comfort of my home. But still it seems that the ease that computers have brought has it’s problems.
Like counting instruments, calculating weight or feeling emotion.

Today each of those were wrong, mind the instrument one bothers me because as I was shuffling Wide PARs I ended up causing a minor scare as I realized there was only 1 replacement on the shelf of lamps.

After a look around I found 6 boxes full of them and felt like a moron.
Good way to start off the shift with causing a scare but got it out of the way right?

Guess I could use a quick review from the counting school.

Also I spent a chunk of my time throwing weight and that’s something I enjoy doing. It’s not such a hard job but not one people like doing but I dig it. It’s a lot of hanging out with a bit of heaving lift. Also some load floors are more interesting than others… this one was not interesting but someday it might be.

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