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Not a job

Last night I got into a conversation with a fellow stagehand.
He insisted that the bounce is not a job and people that complain about lack of work should get a job. He said something a kin to laborers complaining to their dispatchers that there is a lack of work for them.

There is truth there but there also aren’t that many jobs out there for stagehands and some of these people aren’t qualified for the few theatre ones that open up. They’re more rock n roll than theatre and wouldn’t work out in that capacity. It frustrated me that he didn’t realize that we all put in a lot of time and effort to learn and maintain out skills and if we were to move to another field those skills would degrade.

He has a house job and is able to sell and bullshit his way to get work from other companies but many of these people don’t want that and would rather get the work through dispatch. Call it lazy but it works for them.

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