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Rope Light 2: The Revenge

It's a bad day when this is a big accomplishment

Just when everything seemed to be figured out and the confusion of the previous night yard been resolved (miscount of the number of lights) rope light decided to make a come back.

During this prep and hang we received 4 spools of rope light all made by one company and looking identical. Unfortunately the wiring isn’t identical. The first spool is individual bulbs the rest are groups of three.

Odd but doable, except the rope light went into header and leg pieces of a portal. It’s suppose to chase and look cool. Also the single and triple rope lights are mixed up so one header is wrong and we don’t have enough of the single for all 4 headers.

That was what the other crew had to deal with. I got to work solo first finishing the patch and then adding quick connects to a sign. Easy stuff running out zip line and making my connections for the 2 changing pieces. Thing is this sign also has a legacy of problems. After receiving the right lights the threading isn’t the same so I have to pop out sockets and repeat them. Tedious shit that.

Also the star drop needs power and I end up doing that but we are nearly out of cable. We have a few lengths but nothing to make the 100′ run from the mid to the grid, to center and to the deck. These don’t draw much and I already need to run hot power for the fan so it’s all 100′ extension cords the whole way.

And they’re 2 feet short.

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!

Emitters are fine since I needed turn around but fan power required me to make a stage pin Edison 2-fer. Useful but stupid. Honestly I can see this thing getting a bit of use but making it was ridiculous. Then adding it in with a turn around just to avoid giant extension cord in a 1 foot gap.

At the end of the night I had a few projects done but the rope light was nowhere near completion. In fact the folks working on it said they wasted a day doing nothing. Now to finish it up, wait, show it to a designer and see his reaction.

Then it might be cut and it’ll just be an expensive mistake.

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