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Watson Wisdom Wednesday

Rich smoked.
I didn’t.
Rich being an older guy and having his routine down for years knew when it was time for a smoke break. After I’d been working with Rich for a few months he began being a bit more liberal with his smoke breaks and one day he tells me, ‘I feel bad since you don’t smoke’ and I replied, ‘Why? When you leave I stop working and grab a coffee. Don’t want someone to come back, me be working and you not be there and then get you in trouble.’

He just gave me a look and smiled.
A few years later Rich and I would be hanging out behind the theatre him smoking, me drinking coffee and us talking about all manner of bizarre crap. Leads, managers, other hands would stop by and we’d talk to them, engage in our weird banter and generally keep things interesting. Often those smoke breaks would end with a quick trip to the bathroom before returning to work.

It’s important to take a breather and better if you bring someone along.

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