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Letter to Verizon Wireless

Dear Verizon Wireless,
I don’t recommend you to my friends because you cost so much but at the same time you allow me to receive calls in the basement of a theatre so I’m paying for good service. But this isn’t about how I like being able to text in a dead zone where other people are waving their phones about in a vain hope of finding signal.
This is about your warranty and customer support.
I’m pleased. Not shocked awed and prepared to name my first child Verizon because I was so blown away but pleased. You sent me a replacement for my phone that was being odd. It was next day and when I got it it was odd.
2 calls to customer service from people that were really helpful and probably would have been able to help me out if I weren’t rushing to get to work it still didn’t work.
Then an hour long call to a tech support I end up being guided through a myriad of choices and screens, turning it off and on and going into odd menus but in the end my phone worked.
The best part was the confusion from the person on the other line and when they told me ‘Ok that’s weird it didn’t work let’s try this,’ made me feel like I was trouble shooting with someone that got how odd tech can be.
Verizon that’s one point for you.
Right now you’re at two.
That 1 Tech

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