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More Errors

Dangerous Voltage you say

Some of the ropelight didn’t work.
At 7am up in a lift hot patching with maybe three hours of sleep in me and all work.
Troubleshoot time. Trace back to the lepercon dimmer pack and try there, bringing them up at the board and one pack is off.
Hit the switch and get a buzz and then it trips.
Really odd, change the box for the power and it sustains for a bit then trips.
Then I get to open it up.
When a product says no user serviceable parts and only to be opened by a qualified technician I worry. Am I qualified? Will I fuck this up? Is this like when I was a kid and would open up electronics and not be able to put them back together?
Inside there’s no obvious charred bits, fuse is ok and it’s perplexing.
Reassemble and put it back. Turns on without the buzz and stays on… so is it good?

After a bit it trips again and I investigate and this time it’s a single circuit. Another had says they’re usually just 2 wires connecting the socket to the board. I open it up and it’s not.
It’s soldered and chances are it’s high temp solder and we don’t have a high temp iron. I explain this to the ME and am told I seem hesitant and I explain it’s high temp, we don’t have an iron to do that so only choice is a blow torch and I don’t want to do that for fear of ruining the circuit board.
There’s a discussion of what to do and I suggest using all the circuits in the pack but the bad one and running a front of house line out of some that audio requested we don’t use.
I get approval and do it.
Then we find one circuit of the rope light is shorting.
So today I disassembled a dimmer pack only to find a shorting circuit of ropelight caused it.
What a day.


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