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Make up your mind


Five trucks should not take 10 hours to load in.
There were factors like the ramp, the organizations and the driver getting his truck stuck when he ignored the instructions of the guard. But did that 2 hour SNAFU really put us 4 hours behind?
Damned if I know.

Then there’s the changes. Like a middle school production with constant changes. Rehang, refocus, move the points, motor controls and span sets. There was no reason for any of it, it made no sense and when a roadie is annoyed their rigger has no consistency venue to venue things are amiss.

Now that could be forgiven if I hadn’t spent much of my shift putting spansets on truss, running out motors and almost being a ground rigger. That’s fine I know how to do that but a real rigger should check my work. I’m not a rigger, no desire to be one, am ok not being one but do know some basics.
And where was audio during this? (I was on lights)
Waiting hours for the truss to fly so they could hang 10 speakers.

I picked the wrong crew.

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