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Bored Op


Hitting “GO” isn’t hard.
Nor is waiting to be told when.
The hard part is subbing in and being asked questions about focus, number of units up or if something is wrong. “I don’t know” isn’t a good answer but it’s the only one I’ve got.

Early in the shift I ask a spot if he’d strike is spot, he said in 10 minutes, I asked if he was on the clock, when he said yes I asked if he’d just strike it.
My reasons are simple: if there’s problems with it I want time to come up with a fix. Also he’s annoying but getting rid of him is ulterior making sure shit works is the primary concern, right?
Yeah I don’t believe it either.

Yet when it didn’t strike and at 15 I dash upstairs to fix it. As I pass spot one I ask him to strike (dammit the last thing I want is to fix 2 spots) and no problem. House Right I try a few fixes without success and then I figure why not reseat the ballast, give it a shot and it strikes, finally.
During this spot two is talking about how it hasn’t happened and how reliable the spot has been. And once it strikes he says, “If it dies I can’t restrike,” not a question a statement. I look at him explain he can’t hot restrike but giving it a couple of minutes to cool down it’ll strike again.
A blank look as he wonders about covering his cues to which I explain spot one and me using IQs will make it work until he can restrike.

What bothers me most is he rated himself a better spot op than me.

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