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April 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Teching sound and I have a cue where a man yells, “Shut up down there! There are children up here!”
This evening a group watched and after a hold was called, they applauded, that cue’s level was adjusted and played.
Laughter and amusement had by all.

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More Lift Fun (?)

April 20, 2011 Leave a comment

I prefer genie lifts.
Today I was using a sky jack.
The differences are subtle mast placement, closer and how safe I felt climbing on the rails.
But the fact the sky jack’s bucket had a plastic floor and the genie’s are usually metal isn’t subtle but pretty obvious. This sucks since the mast sticks about a foot above the top rail of the sky jack and I had to climb at least the bottom rail to reach any light.

Completely unsafe by the by. Not something any operator should do. Also shouldn’t move the lift at extension with outriggers up.
Especially when standing on the rails.
But it was a good 8 hours.

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April 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Today [pause] I worked a reading of one acts by Pinter. [pause]
While it was very easy [pause] it was very odd when I took the elevator down and was asked if I was acting in it. [pause] perhaps it had to do with the collared shirt and sports coat but [pause] maybe I’m just looking more [pause] actorish.


April 12, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s been two days since saturday and the shit did not strike the fan.
Not exactly at least.
There were some miscommunication with the event today and one of them was they could tech at 3pm. Also they could continue until 9pm.
Now since this plot is massively different from what was in the air. This space has no fly system, the grid can only be accessed by ladders or by a lift and it’s all socas run from one end of the room.
Not an easy thing and there was little chance of us getting it ready.
So not tech at 3, no stagehand until 9, and I get four hours tomorrow.

Still I wish it didn’t feel like pounding nails in the floor with my forehead but that’s life.

Early in the day I was testing lights I found this guy.


I shall nickname it "Sparky"

An ancient light with the insulation on the wires to the base completely disintegrated and when I plugged it in it arc through the lamp carriage and gave me a fright.
There was also a nice pop, bit of smoke, and tripped a breaker.
Good thing too since I don’t like absorbing voltage with my body.

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Actor Wedding

April 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Actors are loud.

This is a known fact.

A group of actors are loud.
A group of drunk actors are very loud.
A group of drunk actors at an actor wedding are incredibly loud.
A group of drunk actors at an actor wedding with the music near the level they want are deafening.

Also be aware a little knowledge is a dangerous things.
Since nearly every attendant knew a bit about sound I received more suggestions to up the volume, change the eq or how to make it sound better. Yet none of them realized what I heard at my mix position was nothing like like the din happening 10 feet below me which changed based on which song played. And while the music was deafening on the balcony it was barely a whisper on the floor.
Beside I could only fight the crowd so much with the music.

No complaints on lighting though.



Letter to Event Planners

April 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Dear Event Planners,

Let me thank you for making a few playlists for me to play during the party. You’ve come a long way from handing me a stack of CDs and your dvd and back up dvd were great even if there was an oddity that caused the even chapters to freeze.

I have only one small request and if you could normalize your tracks next time I’d really appreciate it. This time it wasn’t too bad and I could have used the compressor to fix it if it had been really bad. But just that extra few seconds would have been excellent.

Your humble stagehand,

That One Tech

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Too Easy

April 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Today I had a five hour prep shift for a load in I have tuesday.
Thing is there are 2 events I’m working before hand and I’d like to have prehung some lights but there’s a wedding and speech before hand so no luck in that small space.

I was there 4 hours, pulled the gel from a few lights I wouldn’t need, cut and framed the gel for the next show, skirted a stage and talked with some other stage hands.
I wanted to do more but with those other events I preferred to not screw myself later.

Just hope I don’t end up regretting this easy shift in a few days.

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