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Today I attended a customer service training for a job.
This is odd since I don’t normally deal with customers, there are often right and wrong ways to do my job, I can not go out of the way other departments are and I was hired to be a stage hand not a planner.

If they come in with a cd and needing 2 mics. Chances are when they arrive needing sfx system, moving lights, 6 instrument mics, 5 wireless, to fly someone and a marley set up the answer will be ‘No’.
Possibly ‘Fuck no!’

It will not be ‘Let’s make this happen!’
It might be ‘Ok, that’s not what you asked for let’s figure this out’
But also it’ll be me calling the person they’ve been talking to and going ‘Did you forget to tell me something or are they just insane?’

I’ve been to a few of these trainings. The best was at disney where it was brainwashing at its finest. At some point Knotts that tried to rip off disney and now it’s something like a poor impression of the disney one made by someone that happened to attend it once. Often they try to include my field. It’s half hearted but at least they give it a shot and find something related to being a stagehand. This one had no idea what we did in the theatre, they did mention av at one point, but that’s another department and even then the example was poor.

The example involved someone bringing in a slide projector and then the lamp burning out. Thing is they brought it, it’s their gear, it’s their problem and unfortunately since it’s not my gear there’s not a lot I can do. The time it happened I said their choices are to get another projector or rent one of our’s. There was one time I worked a festival and a group wanted a piece of gear we didn’t have, couldn’t get and according to this training I was wrong for telling me it couldn’t happen. I did suggest that they try asking other groups but wasn’t going to ask for them I had other things to do.

Oh well… stupid training. Also if it’s a training where they make it an acronym don’t be stupid on the acronym. This one was QUAC and it stood for QUality service in ACtion.
Try harder or get a new acronym.

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