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Half way

Tonight I subbed in as a board op.
There were a few problems.
No one told me haze was cut.
A lit set piece wasn’t plugged in right.
And the Master Stage Carp wanted a spot light set piece added to dimmer check.

Thing is him and the ME don’t get along and I think he’s trying to prove who’s boss. So I check the cue for dimmer check and that circuit is hot so I ask if he could leave that unit plugged. He told me it was stored in the shop. I asked if it could be left SR plugged in, he asked if I could plug it into hot power.
I said I could but it would only tell me the unit worked not if the circuit worked.
Grudgingly he agreed to leave it plugged in and strike it to the shop after check.

Honestly I don’t care since I’m done tomorrow but if this is such a big deal he wants ownership of the problem you got to meet me halfway and leave it out so I (or the normal electrician) can check it. If not too bad it doesn’t get checked.

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