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It’s been two days since saturday and the shit did not strike the fan.
Not exactly at least.
There were some miscommunication with the event today and one of them was they could tech at 3pm. Also they could continue until 9pm.
Now since this plot is massively different from what was in the air. This space has no fly system, the grid can only be accessed by ladders or by a lift and it’s all socas run from one end of the room.
Not an easy thing and there was little chance of us getting it ready.
So not tech at 3, no stagehand until 9, and I get four hours tomorrow.

Still I wish it didn’t feel like pounding nails in the floor with my forehead but that’s life.

Early in the day I was testing lights I found this guy.


I shall nickname it "Sparky"

An ancient light with the insulation on the wires to the base completely disintegrated and when I plugged it in it arc through the lamp carriage and gave me a fright.
There was also a nice pop, bit of smoke, and tripped a breaker.
Good thing too since I don’t like absorbing voltage with my body.

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