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Coming Back

ahh the Obsession 2 you still look cool even if you aren't that cool anymore

ahh the Obsession 2 you still look cool even if you aren’t

Been almost two years since I started this and I suddenly had the urge to return.

Thing is I’m not really bouncing anymore and that’s one reason I stopped updating. This blog began to feel like I was bragging about all my work instead of documenting my time on the bounce.

Noone I know complained about me working so much but when I’d talk to people senior, and even a few junior, to me about work I’d discover they weren’t working while I was.

Kind of put a damper on things.

Since I didn’t want to offend anyone, or look like I was bragging, I stopped updating this blog.

That was two years ago and what an interesting two years it’s been as I got two house jobs, continue to do a lot of work at other theatres and also began to move up politically in my union.

Great times

About a week ago I got to rereading this blog.

Looked at the sort of wit I had when I wrote these posts and figured it was time to return.

Time to update but not get so worried about documenting every bounce gig I do but snaps some pictures and write some blurbs about what I was doing and that’s what I’m going to try.

I like the name so it stays, at least of the moment.

Unless I can think of a better one.

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