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Skunk Stripe


It rained today.
Not the hard, fierce monsoon rains I grew accustomed to in my time in New Mexico.
A gentle shower. Hell barely a rain for some but for the fall droplets posed question: do I ride to work?

Being a novice and without fenders, rain gear, goggles, a sense of what I was getting into threw on my work rain coat and set out.
I sent a moment debating if I should wear wool but decided the plastic shell was better.

So the downpour, let’s be honest ‘sprinkle’, occurred the entire way to work.
The roads were wet and I nearly slipped getting over the Bridge, Fremont not Ballard, but it wasn’t terrible. Yet besides that and my bag absorbing most of my skunk strip it wasn’t terrible.

Wet, a bit cold, but not terrible.
Still I should look into some fenders because I will need them soon enough.

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  1. Alexandra
    August 2, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    Good for you! We always debate biking to work when it rains. Now that we have no car, no choice! Fenders certainly rock.

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