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Down a hill

Ye gods man coming down Fremont ave on a be sharrowded road maybe a new pinnacle of fear.
Sharing the road is usually fine but the faux bike lanes of sharrows seemed to add extra danger. Then again on a nice Saturday the usual problems exist. You know sharing the road which means dodging cars as they decide to turn or parallel park, watching for doors that may open, the uneven conditions of Seattle streets, and don’t forget to stay in control of the bike.
Speaking of which I should replace my brakes pads.

I came down following two spandex toe clipped gents. The lead cyclist, more experienced, blazed the trail then came Lucky Pierre and I brought up the rear. Pierre was still learning as we crossed 35th he fumbled the declipping, broke too easy and almost went down. Our Fearless Leader caught LP and we parted ways.

I headed toward Westlake and they continued, I assume, to the Burke Gilman.
Au revior Lucky Pierre I am certain you’ll master those clip pedals soon enough.
And Our Fearless Leader thank you for guiding me down Fremont. I won’t forget you.

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