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Last week saw the start of a new job.
Given this is one of the top theatres in Seattle this would be cause for great celebration and I did.
A bit.
As I left theatre summer camp behind and began a career I knew there would be changes. Not least among these never being hired by the Intiman again.
Which is the price I pay for skipping out on their summer of fun.

Worse, for me, is my biking.
My calls start at 8am and end close to midnight for the moment.
One night I saw how long it took for a bus to come and realized had I biked I’d be nearly but the thing is doing that, right now, seems crazy.

Maybe in a few months when I adjust to this schedule but for the moment I bus and once we go to shows I’ll bike.
Right now I ride the chariot of the people.

Yet Monday I took my bike in for a tune up.
Shocked it has been nearly 90 days since I purchased it.
And I’ve ridden it quite a bit.
Fallen a few times.
Hit a street sign.
Nearly fell into traffic and climbed a few hills.
I have some accessories I plan to tart it up with but for right now it sits near my roommate’s car ready to be ridden.

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