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Late Morning

September 8, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments


The new job is beginning to make sense.
In the confusion and strangeness of moving from small houses to the cavernous depths of one of the biggest houses in town I am adjusting.
It’s not easy.
My skills are there but the method to working this way aren’t in grained in me.
While I’ve only been employed there for three weeks it feels so much longer.
Not helping this are the long days.
Truly long that is.
Eight in the morning to eleven thirty at night long.
Long to the point of going home, eating something, showering, sleeping, waking up, going to work and repeat.
Four to six hours of sleep.
Six days a week.
For nearly three weeks.

These are not conditions under which humans thrive.
One say while riding the bus I looked down to see I had written, ” Possibility of physical and mental collapse now very real. No sympathy for the devil. Remember that. Buy the ticket, take the ride.”
In a text to a friend.

Yet there is an amount of fun and a huge challenge to rise in this position.

But today.
Today we have a short maybe 5 hour call and we’re done.

Since I hadn’t touched my bike in what felt like months and our call was noon, the sun is shining, there is no day like today.

I biked in.


Not today but i miss this

I had missed that feeling.
The wind, the sun, the feeling of propelling myself along the streets of Seattle. Slowly going up hills and people with children pon leashes and dogs freely running the trail.
Odd but that has been such a great experience.
It became routine and I lost it.
Moved to bus and car.
Realized driving was quicker but parking sucked.
Yet one garage has covered bike racks.
I have an idea.
It may work.
But today I biked in and it was good.

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