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A Room with a View

March 29, 2014 Leave a comment


Day two of the load in and there is a light show to rival a vacation slide show.

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Spring Time

March 26, 2014 Leave a comment


The equinox passed and I snapped this picture around then when I rode into work.
It was a nice day.
Sunny,  warm enough for a light jacket,  and really my ride downtown is getting easier.

Thing is with the overcast and drizzly day that today turned into I’m not sure which I prefer.
Really riding in the normal Seattle rain isn’t so bad. 
True puddles suck and I’ve almost fallen on tight turns but the actual rain isn’t too bad.  Now normal rain that is real drops is a pain but still I’d take each of these over wind. 
Damn you wind!

Oh but the weirdest one was the night I rode through a fog bank and didn’t realize how bad it was until I came out the other side soaked.
That was odd.
Oh spring and nearly spring riding: you so crazy.

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Nearly Spring Time

March 10, 2014 Leave a comment

Over the past week the rains subsided.
Mostly that is.
Sure there was a fun filled drenching ride that occurred yesterday but beyond that it’s been minor sprinkles and getting the thrill of being able to ride in again.

Oh how I missed it.

See over the winter I had the misfortune of getting strep throat.
Then Mono.

Let me say that recovering from Mono was a hell of a thing.
I didn’t realize just how hard my job was until it took nearly all my energy to do some of the basic tasks. When each day I’d go home dead tired and come in rested but feeling the weight of exhaustion at some of the simple tasks I had to do.

That was November.
In December and January the chill and fear of illness had my bike seeing more of the basement than it had of me riding it.
But things warmed as January ended and February began.

Didn’t hurt that I had shorter calls and didn’t fear the other commuters while going downntown. Last week marked the first time since summer that I commuted by bike more than by any other means.

Now also during this time I started another activity when there was a nice day off in January and even a simple ride became a struggle. I started going to the gym.
Not in a get fit sort of way but the realization that during my long days I’d spend more time snacking in the dark then doing anything active and I couldn’t have that.
So I developed a tech routine.
A routine that a few stage managers and actors did.
I went to the gym on longer shifts.

In heavy boots, jeans, and a t shirt I’d use the machines.
Mostly the stationary bike and a little elliptical, which let me say is a bit confusing. I’m not overly sure why people like it but perhaps I lack the rhythm to enjoy it. Yet this bit of activity has made me feel better about my job, and strength. I don’t feel like I’ve changed my life but this increase of activity has made those long tech days and double show days a bit more enjoyable.
Sure I lose out on a nap but I seem to sleep better at night.

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