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Men’s Wear

April 26, 2014 Leave a comment

The other day a coworker posted a link to this shirt to a stagehand group.
A few people agreed with the sentiment and the belief we don’t need to dress up.
Now I can’t argue that at all.
Mine is a physical job and suits just won’t do.
Most clothing besides t shirt and jeans (or shorts) risk destruction by the job and even those hard wearing items become so worn they won’t even qualify for tasteful deterioration. 
The sloppy appearance of most hands is a readily apparent as a division between us and other theatre people.  Perhaps a badge of honor in its own way but also rather shabby and frankly I don’t need much help with that since I tend to look homeless without little effort.

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Walla ^2

April 26, 2014 Leave a comment

Like Demming, NM they have a duck race.

My lady needed to visit Walla Walla.
Now I know very little besides it falling into Krusty’s list of funny town names.
And a friend had problems at both a theatre and a gallery.
In fact the theatre that my lady had to visit.
For work.
And I had two days off.
So I tagged along.
Now I haven’t explored much of the great state of Washington.
A small trip to the Peninsula and a bit into the Mountains but in my time here I’ve mainly stayed within Seattle.

So Walla Walla was an adventure.
Of sorts.

Now I saw very little of this town. Mostly the main street area and the theatre. I did roam a fair bit on Easter.
Looking at closed shops and marveling at the bike lanes. I could see why bringing a bike had been part of her plan when she first came out.
Compared to Seattle it is so flat. Flat and spread out where riding a bike would be an ideal form of transportation.
Alas the bike shop was closed for Easter.
Hell most things were closed for Easter.

Still I roamed and had a good time.
Mostly identifying old buildings and finally trying to find the old movie theatre. Until we left I wasn’t sure.
Then the Macy’s caught the light and I realized it was that. That was the cinema once upon a time. Unfortunately not anymore. Now they sold clothes but better than being torn down.
It was a brief trip away with a gal I like and got to see a theatre I don’t work at and explore a small town.
Didn’t do any wine tasting but I ate at a place called Bacon and Eggs where I had neither.

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April 18, 2014 Leave a comment

A few years ago I made a trip to the great Southwest.
Hadn’t seen my sister nor my college town in a while and felt both were due.
In that time I noted may of the changes, they have a traffic circle for some reason, and remembered times long since past, like getting a really cheap burger at that place on Solano I think it was called Golds.
My friend Megan Bob introduced me to this late night place called SB’s Late Night Lunch Box.
It is, alas, gone now but then it was so great I had to visit a few times.
In fact one visit was on 4/20 when they served Wacos. That is Waffle Tacos.
Delicious little stoner fusion food.

Then Taco Bell started doing breakfast and they have Wacos.

Just not the same.

Just not the same.

This morning for no good reason I had one and it was ok.
Not the same as the late night treat as I got during some distant New Mexican Spring but not as terrible as I would have expected.
In fact I may have done better with toaster waffles and sausage but let’s be honest that’s what they used.

It’s an usual to have the morning off during this part of the tech process.
But I did.
And I made the most of it with an ok at best breakfast.
Then again my other choice was some yogurt and this at least had the flair of being untried.
I know what Mango yogurt tastes like and while enjoyable it doesn’t have the distant memories of a fun set of night in the Land of Enchantment associated with it.
Instead it has mangos and yogurt.

Then I biked to work.

Not many other people decided to go across the bridge today.
It did have that feel of run without really raining.
The threat of it was all.
Still a good 400 people more than some weekends when I go across.

Really my favorite was the day I was 1995 of people that crossed that day.
Didn’t get a picture but wish I had.
After all I think ’95 was a good year.
Being 14 must not have been all that bad right?
But really I don’t recall.


April 14, 2014 Leave a comment

Know what I’m sick of?
On the first day on my first ride I got a flat.  It  is hardly an exaggeration to say that flats have plagued me.  When I ride regularly I feel lucky each week I don’t get a flat.
So this morning when I found my read tire flat and a good sounding leak it became time for action.
To the bike store and purchasing some puncture resistant tires.


Far too familiar a sight

So today changed from enjoyable biking around day off to changing tires.
No problem.
I’ve done this a bunch.
But not with a wire bead.
Fucking wire bead.
The instructions on the tires weren’t helpful.
The Internet merely told me some people had problems and others felt sorry for those of us that had issues.
No helpful tips.
No suggestion.
I was close to throwing up my arms going to the bike shop and giving them the task of doing it except the shop was closed  and that made this a matter of pride.

So I went back to research and buried somewhere on the Internet was this.
And with this one video nearly 2 hours of fighting one tire came to an end.
And the second one went in with nearly no hassle.

So perhaps I’m a fool.
Perhaps I am sharing a bit of bike lore.
Perhaps others need to discover this.
I don’t care this one video saved me so much frustration.


And now I have reflective tires.

Practically a day off

April 13, 2014 Leave a comment

Today I had an after noon call.
And only a couple hours.
Oh musical theater and wandelprobe you make life worth living.

Yes i did get the sight of what happens when commuters get the day off


I get it locks are heavy but there are so many u locks on the racks I usually park my bike.  I do wonder how many were purchased by over anxious commuters.  Folks just ready to make this two wheel travel a reality.
And how many are still doing it.
Oh well I wonder about stuff.

Also today I ran into my bike’s twin.


Also a detour.
And nearly the same accessories.
They have a a mirror which I’ve been thinking about getting.
The other day I was wondering about other detours and I’m glad I finally saw one.

One of those nights

April 10, 2014 Leave a comment


When a beer in the bottle cage and wish I’d brought my cargo net for the donut.

Weird Flowers

April 10, 2014 Leave a comment


Borrowed a bike and rode to the Seattle Center to see my lady
And these weird flowers
Mostly my lady