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April Fool

Today was interesting.
I had an odd little plumbing project on ARWAV…  Well odd plumbing project. 
Allow me to introduce the LX Dribble Machine MK I


And it didn't fully work.

So this is made of pieces from a sprinkler system and for the most part didn’t work.
Well didn’t work well.
One dripped,  one didn’t turn off,  and one dribbled.
All in all a device that barely works and it turns out at least one reason was our source.  12 volts DC  but these devices want 25 volts AC and aren’t too happy with what we gave them.  So new parts ordered and I may get to play with it again later.

After work I picked up my bike.
Days later and a whole lot of work my bike is bake and except a creak that could be all manner of things I’m happy.
Also it turns out there is a thing “30 Days of Biking”  and my bike has been returned to me just in time.
Now if only I actually had time.
Going into tech and it’s a new work which means extra tech-hesrsal which means way less time biking.
But…  And this is crazy but I might try biking in for an 8 am call and then back at 11:30 pm when my call is over.
Now I doubt that’ll work. 
Still today I rode to Gas Works Park.


Once upon a time this ride was really hard.
I could barely do it but now.  Today.  Right now it was easy.
Even going up 14th wasn’t so bad.
How things have changed. 

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