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Know what I’m sick of?
On the first day on my first ride I got a flat.  It  is hardly an exaggeration to say that flats have plagued me.  When I ride regularly I feel lucky each week I don’t get a flat.
So this morning when I found my read tire flat and a good sounding leak it became time for action.
To the bike store and purchasing some puncture resistant tires.


Far too familiar a sight

So today changed from enjoyable biking around day off to changing tires.
No problem.
I’ve done this a bunch.
But not with a wire bead.
Fucking wire bead.
The instructions on the tires weren’t helpful.
The Internet merely told me some people had problems and others felt sorry for those of us that had issues.
No helpful tips.
No suggestion.
I was close to throwing up my arms going to the bike shop and giving them the task of doing it except the shop was closed  and that made this a matter of pride.

So I went back to research and buried somewhere on the Internet was this.
And with this one video nearly 2 hours of fighting one tire came to an end.
And the second one went in with nearly no hassle.

So perhaps I’m a fool.
Perhaps I am sharing a bit of bike lore.
Perhaps others need to discover this.
I don’t care this one video saved me so much frustration.


And now I have reflective tires.

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