A few years ago I made a trip to the great Southwest.
Hadn’t seen my sister nor my college town in a while and felt both were due.
In that time I noted may of the changes, they have a traffic circle for some reason, and remembered times long since past, like getting a really cheap burger at that place on Solano I think it was called Golds.
My friend Megan Bob introduced me to this late night place called SB’s Late Night Lunch Box.
It is, alas, gone now but then it was so great I had to visit a few times.
In fact one visit was on 4/20 when they served Wacos. That is Waffle Tacos.
Delicious little stoner fusion food.

Then Taco Bell started doing breakfast and they have Wacos.

Just not the same.

Just not the same.

This morning for no good reason I had one and it was ok.
Not the same as the late night treat as I got during some distant New Mexican Spring but not as terrible as I would have expected.
In fact I may have done better with toaster waffles and sausage but let’s be honest that’s what they used.

It’s an usual to have the morning off during this part of the tech process.
But I did.
And I made the most of it with an ok at best breakfast.
Then again my other choice was some yogurt and this at least had the flair of being untried.
I know what Mango yogurt tastes like and while enjoyable it doesn’t have the distant memories of a fun set of night in the Land of Enchantment associated with it.
Instead it has mangos and yogurt.

Then I biked to work.

Not many other people decided to go across the bridge today.
It did have that feel of run without really raining.
The threat of it was all.
Still a good 400 people more than some weekends when I go across.

Really my favorite was the day I was 1995 of people that crossed that day.
Didn’t get a picture but wish I had.
After all I think ’95 was a good year.
Being 14 must not have been all that bad right?
But really I don’t recall.

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