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Like Demming, NM they have a duck race.

My lady needed to visit Walla Walla.
Now I know very little besides it falling into Krusty’s list of funny town names.
And a friend had problems at both a theatre and a gallery.
In fact the theatre that my lady had to visit.
For work.
And I had two days off.
So I tagged along.
Now I haven’t explored much of the great state of Washington.
A small trip to the Peninsula and a bit into the Mountains but in my time here I’ve mainly stayed within Seattle.

So Walla Walla was an adventure.
Of sorts.

Now I saw very little of this town. Mostly the main street area and the theatre. I did roam a fair bit on Easter.
Looking at closed shops and marveling at the bike lanes. I could see why bringing a bike had been part of her plan when she first came out.
Compared to Seattle it is so flat. Flat and spread out where riding a bike would be an ideal form of transportation.
Alas the bike shop was closed for Easter.
Hell most things were closed for Easter.

Still I roamed and had a good time.
Mostly identifying old buildings and finally trying to find the old movie theatre. Until we left I wasn’t sure.
Then the Macy’s caught the light and I realized it was that. That was the cinema once upon a time. Unfortunately not anymore. Now they sold clothes but better than being torn down.
It was a brief trip away with a gal I like and got to see a theatre I don’t work at and explore a small town.
Didn’t do any wine tasting but I ate at a place called Bacon and Eggs where I had neither.

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