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So warm

Today saw the start of bike to work month.
And what a warm summery day to start it off with.
So obviously the trails were busy, I mean busy to the point of crowded.
Even the Westlake Slalom that I take to avoid Dexter was crowded. |t’s just me and the occasional other biker but today. Today I watched a car try to maneuver into a spot only to be engulfed by a stream of bikes on either side. The helpless driver not able to move in either direction as bells rang on each side and I may have heard at least one “on your left”.
Come on folks it’s behavior like this that gives the bike riding public a bad name.
Pass on the left and be fully aware that this lot is mixed use and have some courtesy. Not saying come to a stop and wait but at least know we need to share the road. Those stickers don’t just apply to cars.
Well tomorrow should be interesting and then Saturday may end up car but despite any problems with fellow riders it was good to see so many folks out and about.

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